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Can I receive my salary in my Comun account?
Can I receive my salary in my Comun account?
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How to Start Depositing Your Salary into Your Comun Account

Most employers give you the option of depositing your check directly into your bank account, instead of waiting for a paper check. Luckily, with your Comun account, setting up direct deposit is easy. Here's how you can get started in a few simple steps.

1. Subscribe to Your Payroll Automatically

Log in to your application and select the following options: 'Automatically deposit income' → 'Automatically' → 'Continue' → Find your employer and follow the steps. The process should be relatively quick and simple.

2. Set Up Direct Deposit to Comun

Your employer will need some information to process your request. Log in to your application and select: 'Automatically deposit income' → 'Using account numbers'. There your bank information will appear, including your bank name, account number, and routing number.

3. Submit the Direct Deposit Form to Your Employer

You can also submit a form for direct deposit to your employer. Log in to your application and select the following: 'Automatically deposit income' → 'Submitting a form' → Select the box that says 'Sign and date electronically' → 'Email this form'.


With Comun's direct deposit feature, receiving your salary is easy and convenient. Follow this simple guide to set up direct deposit in no time.

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