How to connect Comun to Venmo?

Here we teach you how to link Comun to Venmo

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If you are just creating your Venmo account, start this guide from the first step! If you already have your Venmo account, start from step number 20!

  1. Download the Venmo app from the app store on your phone by searching for 'Venmo'

  2. Select 'Personal' and select 'Sign Up'

  3. Enter your phone number and press 'Send code'

  4. Enter the code sent to your phone and press 'Submit code'

  5. Enter your legal name, email address, a username, create a password, and press 'Next'

  6. Press 'Agree'

  7. Press 'Skip for now'

  8. Press 'Done'

  9. Press 'Allow notifications'

  10. Click 'Connect your bank or card'

  11. Select 'Bank'

  12. Select 'Instant verification'

  13. Press 'Continue'

  14. Press 'Continue' again

  15. Search for 'Comun' in the search bar and press 'Comun'

  16. Enter your phone number and press 'Answer'

  17. Press the verification code and press 'Answer'

  18. Select 'Comun' as your primary account and press 'Continue'

  19. One last time, press 'Continue' and you're done! Your Comun account is now linked to Venmo!

  20. Open your Venmo app and press 'Me' on the navigation bar at the bottom right of the screen. This is the section with your profile picture.

  21. Press the settings button at the top right of the screen.

  22. Select 'Payment methods'

  23. Select 'Add a bank or card'

  24. Select 'Bank' and add your Comun routing and account number or select 'Card' and enter the details of your Comun debit card and the registered data of your Comun account.

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