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What is a virtual card?
What is a virtual card?
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All Comun Accounts come with a virtual card that you can use while you wait for the physical card to arrive – or you can use it when your physical card is out of reach.

Your virtual card is activated immediately upon the approval of your account. You can find your virtual card in the "Card Management" section of the app which can be accessed through the card icon in the top left corner or via "Settings".

Despite being virtual, you can add your virtual card to Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, or use it online anywhere Visa® is accepted. However, virtual cards cannot be used to withdraw funds from an ATM. Virtual cards can be paused at any time, just like your physical card.

In order to begin using your virtual card, you must fund your account. We offer several funding options that do not require a physical card:

  1. Direct deposit

  2. Bank transfer

  3. Payment apps like Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, and more

  4. Check deposit

  5. ComunYa - our payment system between Comun users

  6. Card to card transfer

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