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What should I do if I don’t find my address when applying?
What should I do if I don’t find my address when applying?
Updated over a week ago

We use Google's Address Validation tool in our application, which means almost all addresses in the US should be locatable. However, we understand that users may sometimes have difficulty finding their address. We recommend the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Ensure it is a US address.

2. Make sure the address is in English. You can contact us if you need assistance.

3. Ensure the address is entered correctly with all required details:

- Street name

- Street number

- Apartment or unit number (if applicable)

- ZIP code

- City

- State

- Full name of the person on the mailbox

We recommend typing your address instead of copying and pasting it. Start typing your address and select it from the dropdown list that appears.

If you've tried steps 1-4 and still can't find your address, we recommend going to Google Maps to search for your address. Then return to the Comun app and enter it exactly as you saw it on Google Maps.

If you still encounter issues, you can try using another address to open your Comun account.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us through our support channels so we can assist you. ❤️

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